URWERK, The Luxury Watch Brand Favored By Michael Jordan, Drops Latest Galaxy-Bending Timepiece

The wild watch brand that MJ wears has unveiled the UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey.


If your watch brand is trusted by none other than the NBA GOAT himself, Michael Jordan, it’s a solid bet your company makes astoundingly complex, beautiful timepieces — for URWERK, the bar is always being raised. That’s no more evident than with the haute horology company’s remarkable URWERK U-112 Aggregat Odyssey, billed as the brand’s “latest flash of brilliance.”

It looks like something out of a next-level sci-fi movie, with a price tag to match (about $271,507), which perhaps explains why MJ trusted URWERK to design a different custom watch he recently wore at the NBA All-Star Game.

There’s no watch company doing what URWERK does, and the brand’s co-founders have managed to turn a love of sci-fi into some of the most visually striking timepieces ever developed (yes, we went there).


The U-112 Aggregat Odyssey has more in common with the Millenium Falcon or something out of the world of Star Trek than any other watch, displaying the time through two rounded observation windows powered by a secondary reserve and digital seconds indication hidden beneath an insanely cool grooved steel cover.

Flip up the cover to show off this dynamic watch, which features noticeable and impressive textural changes throughout across its titanium steel body through bead-brushing, sand-blasting and meticulous polishing.


Each textural change is indicative of the depths of space and interstellar cruisers you might find on the big screen. To call it a wearable work of art and another historic watch from URWERK is likely an understatement.

The movement of the watch itself relies on the complex planetary system, whereby the center of one gear revolves around the center of the other

“I am lucky enough to experience the birth of our creations first-hand – in the workshops and in close proximity with our watchmakers,” said URWERK Co-Founder and Head Designer Martin Frei. “I witness the final assembly. I see the material come to life, and even more importantly, finishes that existed only in my mind materialize before my eyes.”


Despite its futuristic design, there’s still some wearable functionality (to say the least) present in the U-112, right on down to the properly sized 42mm case diameter. and the textured black strap.

Those specs are probably the only thing that’s standard about this watch: URWERK, like we said, is going boldly where no watch company dares to go. If you like what that means for your watch collection, this could be the timepiece for you.