10 Women on What Really Turns Them Off In Bed

If you want to have sex with her more than once, don’t do these things.

woman in bed


A while ago, I asked 10 women what they really want in bed but don’t ask for, and their answers were illuminating.

For instance, 29-year old Jess said:

“I wish my guy would surprise me with some hot positions that are different than what we normally do, because I’m really over missionary and doggy style. Put my legs on your shoulders, or pick me up and take me to the kitchen and fuck me on the counter.”

Hot damn, Jess. I really hope her wishes have been fulfilled, because that sounds amazing.

But now that we know what women really want in the sack, we also need to know what they don’t want, because the last thing you want to do during sex is turn her the hell off…which is precisely why I asked 10 more women what specific things instantly turn them off, so that you can try your best to avoid doing them. 

You’re welcome. 

1. “When a guy pushes my head down without asking if I’m into that.”
Gigi, 27, writer and sex educator

2. “Sticking an unsolicited finger in my ass. We gotta talk about that stuff first, bud. I wouldn’t stick my hand up your ass without asking if you like it, so don’t do it to me.”
-Julia, 27, consultant

3. “If he calls me the wrong name. Or pronounces my name wrong. INSTANT turn off. There’s no redeeming yourself after that.”
-Sigrid, 24, nurse

4. “Filthy fingernails, a sweaty, nasty crotch, and overall bad hygiene. Honestly I’m grossed out just thinking about it right now.”
-Katya, 23, dancer

5. “Choking me without even asking if I’m into that sort of stuff.”
-Gabby, 26, computer programmer 

6. “Pushing my head in during a blowjob. Fuck that.”
-Libby, 24, software engineer

7. “Half-assed foreplay and trying to shove your dick in when I’m not ready.”
-Camille, 27, stylist

8. “Really aggressive humping when I️ haven’t said I’m into that or want that. Or when I️ ask him to slow down or take it easy and he just doesn’t listen.”
-Gigi, 27, writer and sex educator

9. “Not making eye contact and looking bored as hell. If you tune out and look around the room when I’m under you, you best get off me because I’m going home. If you’re not enthusiastic about having sex with me, I’m leaving.”
-Jen, 25, writer

10. “Not doing shit and then asking me if I came.”
-Alexa, 28, Psychologist