These Are the 10 Most Googled Sex Questions, With the Answers You Need

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In this day and age, when we have a pressing question about absolutely anything, we simply type it into Google, and get our answer.

How many feet are in a mile? Why are Kansas and Arkansas pronounced differently? Why does caffeine free Mountain Dew exist? No matter your question, Google has the answer.

But not all questions are innocuous. Sometimes, we need to know something about sex that our high school sex-ed teachers didn’t teach us, and as always, Google has our back. 

New research from Durex revealed some of the most Googled sex questions from around the world, and they are incredible. Truly amazing. But I must admit, some of them are legit questions, but I have no words for the rest of them. Especially number 9.

In an act of good faith, the folks over at Metro did some heavy-duty research and answered each and every one of these ten questions, so that anyone who has ever looked up these searches can finally get a concrete answer, once and for all. 

1. Where is the G-spot?

“The G-spot is a patch that’s located around two to three issues inside the vagina on the front of the vaginal wall (meaning the side towards the stomach, not the butt). This patch feels slightly thicker, ridged, and spongey.

“The best way to find it is with your finger, used in a come hither motion. Once you’ve found it, you can assess how it feels – for some people it’s mindblowing, for others, not so much – and then start experimenting.

“During intercourse, sticking a pillow under the woman’s butt can help the penis to stroke the G-spot during missionary, or you can just use your finger in that come hither motion while also using a penis.”

2. How to make a woman orgasm

“Ask her. Seriously – every woman is different and different things will get her off. She’ll probably have a better idea of what she likes than Google, so it’s worth asking her how you’re doing, what works for her, and if there’s anything you can do to make sex better.

“In more general terms, though, the majority of women do not orgasm from penetrative sex. So if you’re keen to bring a woman to climax (which you should be, if you’re having sex with them), think foreplay, foreplay, foreplay.”

I’ll add on to this, too: A recent study from Chapman University found she’ll be more likely to get off if the sexual encounter includes: “deep kissing, manual genital stimulation, and/or oral sex in addition to vaginal intercourse.” 

The researchers call the trifecta of “deep kissing, manual genital stimulation, and oral sex” the “Golden Trio” of getting a woman to orgasm, so maybe you should start doing those things in succession if you’re really committed to getting her off.

3. Can you get rid of herpes?

“There’s no cure for herpes, so you can’t get rid of it forever.

“You can, however, use medication to control the symptoms and reduce outbreaks, which can also make you less likely to pass on herpes to your sexual partner.”

Ah, sorry. 

4. How to get rid of genital warts

“Do not, we repeat do not, try to treat genital warts at home. If you think you’ve got warts on your bits, go to your GP or the sexual health clinic ASAP – to work out what’s going on and get treatment.

“Don’t use over-the-counter treatments, as these are designed for hands, not the very delicate parts of your genitals.

“A medical expert will likely use a cream or medicine to get rid of the warts, or will use cryotherapy to freeze them off. You’ll also be advised to stop having sex until the warts are fully healed.”

5. What is the clap?

The clap = gonorrhea. Check out this gonorrhea fact sheet from the CDC if you want to read up on the nitty gritty.

6. How to get a bigger penis manually

Step 1: Do nothing, because you can’t make your penis bigger unless you get it surgically enhanced. 

“Skip the weird at-home remedies and exercises, and work on understanding that size really, truly, doesn’t have much of an impact when it comes to delivering sexual pleasure.

“If you’re really self-conscious, use sex positions such as doggy style, which will make penetration feel deeper.”

Plus, a study from the Australian National University, Monash University, and La Trobe University found that the size of your penis is important to women, but only in the context of your overall masculinity, including your height and torso size. 

So, contrary to popular belief, the size of your dong isn’t the only thing the ladies care about, so you should probably stop obsessing over its size and looking up ways to make it bigger. 

However, there is a really weird procedure called ‘scrotox‘ that can make your balls bigger, if you’re interested. It’s just like a beautifying mini facelift for your nutsack, and is achieved with the help of good old botox

7. How to measure a penis

“There are two measurements to take of a penis – the measurement when it’s flaccid, and the measurement when it’s erect.

“To measure your flaccid length, simply make sure you’re not too cold, then place a tape measure or ruler at the base of the penis, where the base meets your abdomen, and place it along your penis. The average size for a flaccid penis is around 3.5 inches.

“To measure your erect length, you’ll need to, well, get erect, then do the same thing. The average size for an erect penis is 5 inches. You can also measure your girth with a tape measure around your penis.”

There you go! That’s exactly how to measure your dick.

8. How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

There’s no age restriction on condoms, so even a 10-year old can go buy a pack.

9. How to insert a male organ into a female organ

Oh my GOD. Why is this question worded like this? I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. 

“First, make sure you have enthusiastic consent from both parties. That means you’re both really excited to have sex, you definitely both want to, and neither of you are under the influence of anything that would affect your decision-making abilities.

“Then you’ll need to dedicate some time to foreplay to ensure that the vagina is sufficiently self-lubricated (if it’s not, you can use lube) and the penis is erect.

“Once you’re both ready, you’ll be able to easily slide the penis into the vagina. It can help to have the woman guide you in. Go slowly and make sure it’s comfortable before you start thrusting away.”

Jesus H. Christ. I cringed a little reading that detailed and anatomical description of sexual intercourse, so I’ll sum it up with more a more casual vernacular: literally just find the (consenting) hole and stick your dick in it. Don’t think too hard.

10. How long does sex last?   

An October 2015 survey by sex toy retailer Adam & Eve revealed that on average, foreplay lasts a good 20 minutes, while the actual sex part of sex only lasts 7.3 minutes.

Furthermore, according to a survey by researchers at Penn State, a quickie of only one to two minutes is way too short, boinking for three to seven minutes is merely “adequate,” seven to 13 minutes is “desirable,” and a 10 to 30-minute romp is simply too long. Well, okay then.

“It depends on what you’re defining as sex (foreplay should count, really), but sex can last for as long as you fancy. There’s no rigid time limit.”

Well, I hope that answered your most pressing sex questions. If you have any further questions, Google will gladly assist you.

H/T: Metro