Men and Women View the ‘Perfect Body’ Totally Differently

Check out these graphics of the ideal female body.

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According to a large poll of 500 men and 500 women by lingerie company Bluebella, the “perfect” body is definitely not the same thing for both sides of the party. 

Apparently, men and women view ideal body types as totally different, and men favor shapelier figures on both women and men, whereas women prefer thinner bodies all around. Interesting, huh?


The folks at Bluebella found out the specifics through a poll using celebrity examples, then crafted the “perfect body” by female standards, and by male standards.  

And so, if you were to ask a woman what the ideal female body looks like, you’d get something like this:


As you can see in the photoshopped humanoid above, women think the most beautiful female body would have the long, straight locks of Kate Middleton, the facial features of Cara Delevingne, the not-so-amble bosom of Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow’s rock-hard abs that she probably achieved through coffee enemas, Emma Watson’s slim hips, and Elle Macpherson’s supermodel legs. Not a bad combo.

When you ask men what the most beautiful hypothetical female would look like, you get this “sexy” creature:


Clearly, men see the “perfect” woman as significantly shapelier than females do, with Kim K’s busty chesticles, Megan Fox’s face, the wavy, sexy hair of ScarJo, Michelle Keegan’s toned tummy, Kelly Brook’s curvy hips, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s long stems. 

See the difference? I guess women think they look hotter when they’re skinny and not very curvy, whereas men find curvier women sexier. 

Likewise, men and women also have a different vision of what the perfect dude would be. According to the ladies, it’d be a perfect world if men looked like this:


Apparently, Harry Styles’ hair turns women on, Jamie Dornan has the sexiest face (thanks, Fifty Shades of Grey), David Gandy has an amazing torso (as a woman, I totally agree), Brad Pitt has the best biceps, and David Beckham has sexy legs. 

Eh, looks good enough. Not sure about that 80’s-style hair on Jamie Dornan, though. 

According to men, here’s what they ought to look like:


When compared to the Jamie Dornan-Harry Styles hybrid, this perfect man has the broader, Wolverine-trained biceps of Hugh Jackman,  Ryan Gosling’s shredded torso, Frank Lampard’s soccer legs, David Beckham’s masculine yet beautiful face, and Brad Pitt’s perfectly coiffed blonde hair. 

“What this survey shows is that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder,” said BlueBella founder Emily Bendell. Yup, it sure is. 

H/T: Time