Research Shows a Huge Number of Women Will Date a Guy Who Does This Even if He’s Not Great in Bed

Talk it out.

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Worth knowing, even if it’s not necessarily reassuring: according to researchers working with the Superdrug Online—an online prescription service in the UK for bedroom performance meds—88 percent of women surveyed will forgive some faults in bed if a guy knows how to have a meaningful conversation.  

A research team associated with the site surveyed 1,500 people in the EU and the United States about bedroom trade-offs in an effort to determine how important sex can be in a given long-term relationship. A vast majority of women who responded led the researchers to conclude that “communication was felt to be key in making a partnership last.” 

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Romantic tradeoffs

Believe it or not, the number of men who would rather a woman be a great communicator was a substantial 72 percent. 

Communication wasn’t the only surprising winner, as the graphic above shows: European and American women also strongly value romance over skillful gymnastics in the sack. Staying in shape and looking good also won out over sexual dexterity as well.

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Here’s a finding from the survey that will surprise no one, however: Everyone loves good oral. From SuperDrug:

[Men] and women would date someone not good at penetrative sex if they were very good at oral sex; nearly 73 percent of women would give a partner a chance if cunnilingus were their speciality versus almost 86 percent of men.  

At least one takeaway from the whole thing seems to be this: In the end, a satisfying relationship will depend on oral talent in every sense of the word imaginable. 

Start practicing some tongue-twisters and rehearsing how to talk like a therapist today.

h/t Daily Star