New Study Says the G-Spot Doesn’t Actually Exist

Is the sweet spot just a myth?

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Here’s a question that’s been a topic of discussion and argument for decades: Is the G-spot real?

If you collectively ask women, you will hear loud echoes of “Yes!” from every female on earth who has ever gotten off from the sweet spot.

However, if you ask scientists and sex researchers, they’ll be like: “Nah, it doesn’t exist. You can stop fooling yourself now.”

According to a small-scale study conducted by team of sexperts from Austin Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, there’s absolutely no anatomical evidence of the G-spot in the female body, meaning it simply doesn’t exist.

In the study, the researchers examined the bodies of 13 women between the ages of 32 and 97, and concluded that none of the women have an observable anatomical structure in the “G-spot zone,” and that there’s nothing but vaginal wall lining and urinary structures in that area.

Lead researcher Dr. Nathan Hoag says he believes the reason the non-existent G-spot feels so good for many women is only because of its close proximity to the clitoris – which is actually much larger than it appears.

From the outside, the clitoris only seems like a teeny tiny button the size of a lentil, but in reality, it’s the shape of a wishbone and extends about three inches into the vagina, up to where the G-spot supposedly is (or isn’t?).

And because the internal part of the clitoris connects to the mythical G-spot, researchers are pretty sure that the mind-blowing orgasms that come from G-spot stimulation are actually just a type of clitoral orgasm. 

In other words, they’re saying the G-spot is a total lie. 

“The essential finding from these dissections is that the G-spot in its form originally observed by Gräfenberg, and subsequently popularized, does not exist as an anatomic construct,” Hoag concluded.

While the findings of this study might make men everywhere breathe a sigh of relief and make you feel like you shouldn’t pay attention to your partner’s G-spot zone anymore, let me emphasize that the study had a super small sample size of only 13 women, which isn’t exactly a compelling representation of the female population.

Additionally, even if the G-spot is, in essence, the internal clitoris, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There’s still something there that feels fucking amazing. So, don’t discredit the G-spot just yet. Take the findings with a mountain of salt, because as a fellow woman, I’m fairly certain the researchers are dead wrong about the G-spot being a myth.

In fact, “The Great British Sexpert” Rebecca Dakin says: “The scientists may not have found evidence of a G-spot but I have no doubt it exists. Ask any woman and they too will tell you the researchers are wrong.

“There is an area on the front vaginal wall, about two inches in, that has a texture like a walnut. Stimulating that zone gives a very different type of orgasm. Firms spend millions developing sex toys that hit that exact spot and women keep buying them.”

“This study should not be seen as a ‘get out of jail free’ card for men. If they haven’t found it, they should keep on searching. Their partner will certainly thank them for their efforts.”

You heard her. Keep looking!

h/t: New York Post