These are the Top 10 Things People Do After Sex

Did your post-coital routine make the list?

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According to a recent survey of 2,000 participants conducted by OnePoll and the online retailer Pure Romance, 36 percent of people have a few specific things they like to do after having sex, that ranges from more romantic gestures like getting all cute and snuggly together, to more…detached routines like immediately reaching for their phone to check what’s up on social media.

So, here are the 10 most common things people do after sex.

10. Going on Social Media

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The survey revealed that 14 percent of people pull out their phones and check their social media profiles right after doing the do, which is actually pretty interesting. Can you imagine doing something as intimate as having sex, only to have your partner roll over and scroll through Instagram right after? It happens, but it’s not the hottest thing in the world.

Well, what can I say? Some of us just can’t stay off our phones for too long.

9. Ordering Food

Hey, all that physical activity obviously works up an appetite for a lot of us, considering ordering food is number eight on the list.

8. Cooking Food

Like I said, sex is basically exercise and exercise makes you hungry. Sure, ordering a pizza or something is great and all, but having some nice homemade nibbles takes it to a whole ‘nother level. 

7. Having a Deep and Meaningful Conversation

Looking soulfully into the eyes of the person you just boinked and having a philosophical discussion is something many of us apparently do, putting it at number seven on the list. 

6. Just Laying There and Doing Nothing

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I’m going to go ahead and assume this happens when the sex was A1 and all you can do is lay there until your brain cells start working again and your legs stop shaking. Or when you simply don’t feel like talking. As they say, silence is golden. 

5. Spooning

Seriously, who doesn’t love spooning? It’s basically cuddling, but not as intimate. But still awesome.

4. Getting Dressed

We all need to get dressed before going out in public after having sex, but some people waste no time cuddling or engaging in pillow talk and just smash and dash. And to all those people, I have a suggestion: Stay naked for a little longer. There’s something called “afterplay,” and it’ll change your life. Trust.

3. Drinking Water

Ever get super thirsty after knocking boots? Well, you’re not alone. Forty-eight percent of respondents said they chug a refreshing beverage after doing the deed, because clearly, sex quenches one type of thirst but precipitates another, if you know what I mean. Wink wink.

2. Watching TV Or Movies

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Netflix and Chill in reverse order, amirite? Approximately half of the participants said they like to enjoy a bit of TV or a movie after sex, which makes sense. You’re already (probably) nice and warm in bed, so it’s only natural to want to enjoy a show or movie before falling asleep next to your boo.

1. Cuddling

Finally, the number one thing people do after sex, agreed upon by 74 percent of participants, is the granddaddy of all post-coital rituals: Cuddling!! 

If you ask me, no sex sesh is complete without snuggling up to your partner, but I guess the remaining 26 percent of people don’t agree. To each his own!

“We were most surprised by the amount of people who immediately pick up their phone and check social media after sex,” founder of Pure Romance, Patty Brisben, told Bustle.

“At Pure Romance, we recommend using the post-sex time to continue connecting with your partner. What this entails varies on the couple, but could include cuddling or having conversations, in order to keep the intimacy of the moment.”

For some additional information to use as a comparison, let’s check out a separate survey on post-coital routines called Post-Sex Dynamics and Routines. The survey, published on the website Uncovering Intimacy, generated some slightly different results and found that:

65% of couples go to sleep
44% of couples cuddle
32% of couples talk
4% of couples pray
13% of couples take a shower
10% of couples start their day
10% of couples get some food

Okay — hats off to the 10 percent who have morning sex and proceed to “start their day.” Morning sex is arguably the best sex, and we should all aim to have more of it. 

H/T: Bustle