Apple Unveils iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14, Apple Watch Ultra and New AirPods Pro

The always-on iPhone 14 Pro, an Ultra Apple Watch meant for high skies and deep sees and the tech-forward AirPods Pro 2 are finally here.

Credit: Apple

Apple’s Sept. 7 “Far Out” event pulled back the curtain on the buzzed-about iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14, Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8 and new AirPods Pro.  Read on for the latest details an specs on Apple’s next wave of products:

iPhone 14 Pro

Credit: Apple

Apple has ditched the notch in the iPhone 14 Pro in favor of a “dynamic island” oval on the screen that pulls double duty to hide sensors while acting as a notification and real-time stat display. The new iPhone will also feature an always-on, brighter display, a beefed up sensor display boasting a 48 megapixel camera. Videos will get an upgrade with image stabilization that might negate the need for a gimbal in most circumstances. All this while keeping the all-day battery life that pro users have come to expect. 

Available in Space Black, Silver, Gold and Deep Purple, the 6.1” iPhone 14 Pro and the 6.7” Pro Max start at $999 and $1099 respectively. Pre-orders begin on September 9th with the phones scheduled to hit customers a week later on September 16th. 

iPhone 14

Credit: Apple

The new base-model iPhone 14 actually does a good job of acting more like last year’s Pro model than a moderate upgrade to last year’s base model. That means packing an A15 bionic chip under the hood, offering better low-light photo shooting from a dual-camera array upgrade and even packing all-day battery life like a pro model. 

Coming in white, black, blue, purple and Product RED, the 6.1” iPhone 14 and the 6.7” iPhone 14 Plus come in at $799 and $899. Pre-orders begin September 9th with the iPhone 14 coming out a week later and the Plus model arriving on October 7th. 

Apple Watch Ultra 

Credit: Apple

The Apple Watch has always been fairly durable and focused on health and fitness but for those looking to go to the top of the world or the bottom of the ocean, Apple’s brand new Ultra version of the Apple Watch will be a must-have. Titanium case, larger display, customizable action button for use with gloves, dual speakers and packed full of sensors, the Apple Watch Ultra is the top of the line wearable with features specifically for exploration, adventure and endurance.

Apple has also created bands specifically for the particular adventure the Ultra is on with the Alpine loop ready for mountain ranges, the ocean loop ready for scuba and the trail loop a more versatile option for triathletes and the like. Punched out battery life rounds out the features because the last thing on an adventurers mind is charging. 

The Apple Watch Ultra starts at $799. Preorders are open now and will be available on September 23rd. 

Apple Watch Series 8

Credit: Apple

Always-on displays seem to be a theme this year with the latest Apple Watch Series 8 finally making that move, along with a smaller bezel also makes that display look even larger than before. The Apple Watch Series 8 is chock full of sensors to track personal information and now adds a temperature sensor and more detailed accelerometers that enable features like cycle tracking and car crash detection. New watch faces, a slew of updated watch bands – including Hermès options – and a retooled low-power mode round out the Series 8 features. 

The Apple Watch Series 8 starts at $399. Preorders are open now and the watch will hit customers on September 16th. 

AirPods Pro

Credit: Apple

Featuring major upgrades to both active noise cancelling and personalized spatial audio, thanks to the new H2 chip, the new AirPods Pro are the evolution of the best-selling wireless earbuds people have been anticipating. Six hours of listening on a single charge, 30 hours of total charge when including the case, improved touch controls and a new Find My feature to help locate lost buds round out the creature comforts of the updated headphones. 

These new AirPods Pro will retail for $249 with preorders opening on September 9th and making their way into ears around the world on September 23rd.