Watch Drug Smugglers Flee Police While Dumping Bales of Hash in Dramatic Speedboat Chase

Cops recovered a massive haul of high-quality hashish after the wild chase was captured in a viral video.

A widely-viewed video shows how Spanish police hunted down alleged drug smugglers during a wild five-hour speedboat chase through the Mediterranean Sea. 

Spain’s National Police released video of the dramatic pursuit and bust, which occurred in late November. “Do you want to see what the chase on the high seas was like? More than five hours and 100 nautical miles,” police captioned the clip before sharing on social media.


The video includes wild footage taken from a police helicopter and a chase boat. Fox News reports that the hot pursuit began when the aircraft spotted the 45-foot black speedboat, which was equipped with dual 300-horsepower engines, darting through coastal waters near the Spanish port city of Cartagena. 

The masked individuals aboard can be seen watching the helicopter before dumping several packages into the water. At one point, the captain appears to wave and gesture to the camera with hands clasped.

Police arrested all five individuals at the end of the video. Their remaining illegal cargo—two tons of has sourced from Morocco—was seized. 

This isn’t the only police chase to make the internet rounds recently. DJ and producer Marshmello’s custom $500,000 Ford F-550 became the star of a viral LAPD pursuit video after it was stolen from a dealership’s service bay.