The Stem Cell Chronicles: Dr. Beau Hightower On Incredible Health Benefits of SCT

The top chiropractic physician to countless athletes, UFC fighters and pro wrestlers explains how stem cell therapy can improve your health and wellness.

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We recently shined a light on stem cell therapy (SCT) and it’s great potential with wellness, health, recovery and at-times life-changing treatments. Our focus centered on the esteemed BioXcellerator clinic in Medellín, Colombia, and how their treatments can extend longevity, boost immunity and enhance overall quality of life while reducing the impact of aging

To further this message, we will speak with real-life patients of BioXcellerator who have taken their treatments and experienced first-hand the efficacy of this promising future medicine.

First up we have Dr. Beau Hightower, super chiropractic physician to countless athletes, UFC fighters and professional wrestlers — and of course regular folk as well — at his ELITE-OSM ortho-therapy clinics in New Mexico and Nevada. 

A Naprapath Doctor, Certified Exercise Physiologist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Master of Science, Dr. Hightower commands a huge YouTube following (almost 3 million subscribers) and dedicated fans who have benefitted greatly from the doctor’s sage advice. 

His wife Lais DeLeon Hightower — Brazilian model, trainer and wellness celebrity with a massive following of her own — joins Dr. Beau in his Testimonial. Beyond the video below, the good doctor shares a bit of background on his time at BioXcellerator.

*None of the BioXcellerator patients were paid for these Testimonials. Rather each one volunteered to share their stories because of their positive results, and their desire to spread knowledge of SCT and the regenerative effects it could have for others

How did you hear about BioXcellerator, and was it personally recommended?

I heard about BioXcellerator from several athletes that I treat, particularly UFC fighters and wrestlers. The person who told me the most about it however was [two-time UFC Welterweight Champion/UFC Hall of Fame inductee] Matt Hughes who personally recommended BioXcellerator.

Had you heard of Stem Cell Therapy before hearing about BioXcellerator, or vice versa? It’s a big decision — how did you advance from simply mulling it over to pressing the trigger and flying to Colombia?

Yes I was very aware of stem cell therapy and I’ve been keeping a close eye on it for over a decade in practice. I’ve had several patients get bone marrow and fat variations of stem cell therapy here in the United States, but I was always under the impression that Umbilical cord/Wharton jelly stem cell therapy which BioXcellerator uses are the more superior cells. 

I began researching the efficacy of stem cell therapy for a few ailments that I have been dealing with and I found some compelling evidence in the literature. After speaking with BioXcellerator and studying the literature, I realized it was time for me to take the first step in trying to make my life better. I also realize that before I can make the recommendation for my patients to receive stem cells from BioXcellerator that I would need to go through the process first to know for sure what the outcomes were.

What did you think of the professionalism and care of BioXcellerator while at their clinic?

The communication with BioXcellerator was top-notch. The concierge staff made us feel perfectly at home in Medellín, made us feel very safe and their facilities are incredibly clean and high-tech. I actually had an opportunity to speak with a medical director and scientists who demonstrated the exact way they extract and grow their stem cells and was beyond impressed.

What did you think of Colombia? Were you concerned about anything (e.g. safety, not speaking the language, etc), and how did it go?

I love Colombia — the food is fantastic, the people are friendly, and the culture’s incredibly rich. The weather in Medellín was outstanding as they call it the City of Eternal Spring. I’ve actually lived in Columbia prior to this in Bogota so I was very familiar with Colombian culture. We had a great experience and we really enjoyed the local restaurants and particularly the hotel and the mall that connects to the medical facility. It was an outstanding wellness vacation and I can’t recommend it nearly enough.

What were the most powerful effects you felt after your treatments?

My intestines have healed about 80% since my trip to Columbia, my knee pain has decreased by about 70% since my trip and doesn’t crack or pop anymore. My hip pain has decreased drastically as well, and my shoulder is significantly more stable which helps me to do my job taking care of elite UFC athletes. All In all, I was very skeptical but BioXcellerator has exceeded my wildest expectations by 1,000 fold.