The Stem Cell Chronicles: Firefighter Dustin Bunch on How He Beat Paralysis With SCT

“To this day I don’t take any medications for my injuries. I don’t have major spasms, I don’t have nerve pain and my muscle control is much more fluid than it was when I first started.”


Presented by BioXcellerator

Maxim recently shined a light on stem cell therapy (SCT) and it’s great potential with wellness, health, recovery and  lifechanging treatments. Our focus centered on the esteemed BioXcellerator clinic in Medellín, Colombia, and how their treatments can extend longevity, boost immunity and enhance overall quality of life while reducing the impact of aging. To further this message, we will speak with real-life patients of BioXcellerator who have taken their treatments and experienced first-hand the efficacy of this promising future medicine.

We previously spotlighted Dr. Beau Hightower, super Chiropractic Physician to professional athletes, UFC fighters and WWE wrestlers. This week we’ll hear from Dustin Bunch, an ordinary man thrust upon tragic circumstances — and who responded with extraordinary courage. When Dustin dove off his boat on July 4th, 2019, into unexpectedly shallow water, breaking his neck at both the C4 and C6 vertebrae, the young firefighter’s life changed forever. 

Paralyzed from the neck down, Dustin refused to accept his dire diagnosis and has since been fighting daily to regain his independence — and his recovery and recuperation have been nothing short of miraculous. Dustin has now regained movement in his shoulders, arms, hands and beyond, and Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) at BioXcellerator has played an integral role in this life-altering regimen. Below, he tells us all about it.

*None of the BioXcellerator patients were paid for these Testimonials. Rather each one volunteered to share their stories because of their positive results, and their desire to spread knowledge of SCT and the regenerative effects it could have for others

How did you hear about BioXcellerator?

I had been following Matt Hughes’ story after his accident. So when I woke up from my surgery on my neck and wrapped my head around what happened to me I told my wife we need to find Matt Hughes. She was very confused by this, but we had a waiting room full of friends and family and everybody got on social media and reached out — and Matt got back to us right away.

Had you heard of Stem Cell Therapy before hearing about BioXcellerator? Was it a difficult decision to pull the trigger to fly to Colombia?

I was a firefighter in my previous career so I was familiar with stem cell therapy and the battle that stem cells in the States were going through. It wasn’t a difficult decision because myself and my family were willing to try anything to get results in my recovery. I am actually the fastest one in my condition to ever get down to Bioxcellerator — I was there at eight weeks post-injury. In total we’ve made four successful trips even during all of the pandemic.

Please share a personal moment where you realized the professionalism or extreme care of BioXcellerator.

BioXcellerator has jumped through many hoops for me. I am 6’6” and 250 pounds; it’s hard enough to get around being my size — add a wheelchair and I was completely immobile eight weeks post-injury on my first trip. From trying to find medical vans for my transportation that I would fit in to all around wheelchairs, BioXcellerator has always been there for me professionally.

What other therapies are you doing in conjunction with SCT at BioXcellerator?

I am currently doing neuro-physical therapy four days a week in conjunction with occupational therapy. Last year I traveled down to Texas before the pandemic and was able to do advanced neuro-therapy at React neuro-therapy in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. When not doing therapy at a facility I’ve built a home gym with all of the equipment that a facility would have because of being shut down last year in the pandemic.

What did you think of Colombia in general? Were you concerned about anything?

I did not have any concerns about going to Colombia because I just wanted to get down there for treatment as fast as possible. We have gone out and seen parts of Medellin And it has been wonderful. We haven’t had any bad experiences once we got to Colombia; we have had a few hiccups in airports and on airplanes.

Please share the most powerful effect you felt after your treatments.

One of the biggest things that stuck out as soon as I got finished with my first trip was I got off all medications — and still to this day I don’t take any medications for my injuries. I don’t have major spasms, I don’t have nerve pain and my muscle control is much more fluid than it was when I first started.

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