The Stem Cell Chronicles: Lawyer and Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner Marc Hines on How SCT Changed His Life

Find out how SCT can help people who suffer from back pain and other ailments.

Presented by BioXcellerator

We recently shined a light on stem cell therapy (SCT) and its great potential with wellness, health, recovery and at-times lifechanging treatments. Our focus centered on the esteemed BioXcellerator clinic in Medellin, Colombia, and how their treatments can extend longevity, boost immunity and enhance overall quality of life while reducing the impact of aging. 

To further this message, we will speak with real-life patients of BioXcellerator who have taken their treatments and experienced first-hand the efficacy of this promising future medicine.

First up we had Dr. Beau Hightower, Chiropractic Physician to professional athletes, UFC fighters and pro wrestlers, and then the tragic story of Dustin Bunch, a firefighter who broke his neck and used BioXcellerator’s SCT as part of his treatment to overcome paralysis. 

As miraculous as his story is, this week’s Stem Cell Chronicles Testimonial subject is nearly as amazing for its potential to help a huge population of Americans who suffer from back pain and ailments. 

A veteran lawyer by trade, Marc Hines practiced jiu-jitsu for years building wear and tear, slowly developing pain in the cervical and lumbar regions. As the years progressed he developed more problems, and was diagnosed via MRI with herniated discs. 

Suffering through frequent radicular pain, on several occasions Hines agonized due to a complete blockage of the neck. Desperate for a way to live a pain-free existence Hines made the decision to visit BioXcellerator and undergo their SCT treatment, hoping to make his life livable again. The results, he claims, have been extraordinary.

*None of the BioXcellerator patients were paid for these Testimonials. Rather each one volunteered to share their stories because of their positive results, and their desire to spread knowledge of SCT and the regenerative effects it could have for others.

How did you hear about BioXcellerator?

I listen to Joe Rogan‘s podcast and he was discussing stem cells and the treatment people get. I then researched all the different clinics around the world who provided stem cell treatment and I found BioXcellerator.

How did you make the decision to go from simply mulling it over to pressing the trigger to fly to Colombia for the treatment? Was it a difficult decision?

After I researched various stem cell clinics and watched at least 20 videos from BioXcellerator’s website, I contacted representative from BioXcellerator and learned more about the procedure and the process.

I wouldn’t say it was a difficult decision once I did my research. I felt confident that from all the places in the United States and around the world, this was the best stem cell clinic to go to.

I also researched Colombia and found the stigma about the crime and danger was in fact just a myth.

Please share a personal moment where you realized the professionalism or extreme care of BioXcellerator.

I knew this was a special place when I met with the orthopedic doctor to go over my MRI results. I asked him if he would mind if I filmed him with my cell phone while he discussed the MRI findings and his opinions concerning my neck and back.

He smiled and said no problem at all.

I knew then that he had the confidence in what they were doing there to share with me with complete honesty and without hesitation about my condition and proposed treatment. I was truly amazed that he let me do that, and at that point I felt a weight was lifted off my shoulders because I was 100 percent confident that this was the right thing to do. 

What did you think of Colombia in general? Were you concerned about anything (e.g. safety, not speaking language, etc), and how did it go?

I am very conservative and extremely protective of my wife. If I thought there was danger in going to Colombia to my wife, I would’ve never gone no matter how bad my back was. I did my research on Colombia and specifically on Medellin. I came to the conclusion that like in a big city there is crime but if you stay in the right places and act intelligently, the risks are minimal.

My wife and I went out every night with a driver arranged by my concierge and had an amazing time. The restaurants were lively and the food was amazing. I had one of the best dinners I’ve ever had in my entire life at one of the restaurants they recommended.

Please share the most powerful/salient effect you felt after your treatments.

The day before my treatment I was walking to the clinic through the open mall and I went down to tie my tennis shoes and I was locked in pain. I said to my wife, I cannot live like this and this procedure better work.

Six hours after my stem cell procedure, I reached down to touch my toes and I did not feel any pain at all. I had the procedure done in mid-March and I still can touch my toes with no pain. This is truly amazing. 

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