This Emissions-Free Supersonic Passenger Jet Could Fly At 1,141 MPH

The stealth fighter-inspired concept is designed to carry up to 200 passengers.

(Oscar Viñals/OVI Design)

There are luxurious private jet getaways and opulent ways to stay in every locale right up until (seemingly) the edge of the Earth these days, but there’s only one new concept for an insanely fast supersonic jet that pushes the boundaries of speed.

Aviation enthusiast and Barcelona-based designer Oscar Viñals has a knack for dreaming up out-of-this-world concepts across the world of travel, and his latest creation, the Sky OV, is perhaps the coolest yet.

The concept plane looks like an insanely cool stealth fighter jet, would be able to fly at a top speed of up to 1,141 MPH, and could carry 200 passengers and two pilots (and the specs only get more impressive from there).

(Oscar Viñals/OVI Design)

Previously a graphic designer for competitive motor racing teams, Viñals published an ambitious concept for the Sky OV that gives the Concorde supersonic jet a true run for its money.

The Sky OV would theoretically boast a cruising speed of about 913 MPH, and would also feature folding wings to save space in an airplane hangar.

(Oscar Viñals/OVI Design)

Hydrogen fuel and electric power would send the Sky OV soaring across the skies, according to plans from Viñals, all the while using bladeless turbojet engines providing a steady airstream without exposed blades.

(Oscar Viñals/OVI Design)

Supersonic travel is the purview of NASA and still seems straight out of the future, but it’s a fun idea to think about that (very fun and very fast, you might say).

(Oscar Viñals/OVI Design)

The design remains jaw-dropping in its scope and ambition, and if it ever comes to fruition (likely with the help of companies like Boeing), luxury accommodations should await lucky passengers within, according to Viñals’ plans.

The jury is still out on how much a flight on the Sky OV would cost, but one thing’s clear: It should prove worth the investment.