This Insane URWERK Watch Is Inspired By Ralph Lauren’s Bugatti

The bonkers $305,000 timepiece is for wealthy collectors only.


It’s hard not to be amazed and inspired by the horological wizardry dreamed up by Swiss watchmaker Urwerk, with each new timepiece skyrocketing to levels never before seen on this planet (or this galaxy).

It’s not hyperbole: Urwerk watches are quite simply unlike any timepiece you’ve ever seen. They’re exceedingly rare technical innovations (and works of art) that rival anything seen in Star Wars, and the new Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat “Back to Black” is even more staggeringly cool than one can dream up.


Of course, the stuff of dreams is turned into reality thanks to Urwerk, even if its timepieces aren’t particularly accessible: Ralph Lauren’s ultra-rare Bugatti Atlantic supercar inspired this exceptional $305K timepiece (yes, you read that price correctly).


The result is a dual-column, titanium and steel timepiece that flips every conventional idea about a watch case and movement on its head.

The “Back to Black” boasts sapphire crystal housings that operate on satellite prisms (one showing jumping digital hours and another showing “trailing” digital minutes).


The design harkens back to other Urwerk timepieces that blend digital elements with cutting-edge materials and satellite-esque inner workings.


In this instance, the in-house design boasts a power reserve of 48 hours via the Urwerk UR-13.01 automatic movement.

Urwerk watches continually break through into a bold new frontier, one where no watch has ever gone before (even if an Earthbound style master’s supercar served as the inspiration for its latest creation).

Keep on dreaming about the Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat “Back to Black” — only 25 units are available.