Monsters University: Can You Match The Serial Killer To Their College Major?

The college-based Monsters Inc. prequel is out today, so we’re educating ourselves in the ways of monstrous murderers with this gruesomely educational quiz.

The college-based Monsters Inc. prequel is out today, so we’re educating ourselves in the ways of monstrous murderers with this gruesomely educational quiz.


1. Jeffrey Dahmer

Alias: The Milwaukee Cannibal

Number of kills: 17

Preferred method: Strangling, dismemberment, necrophilia, cannibalism

What did Dahmer study?

a) Introduction to sociology, psychology, and computer science, Arizona State

b) Introduction to biology, mythology, and home economics, Alabama State

c) Introduction to anthropology, classical civilization, and administrative science, at Ohio State

2. Joel Rifkin

Alias: Joel The Ripper

Number of kills: At least nine

Preferred method: Dismembering

What did Rifkin study?

a) Horticulture, at Farmingdale State College

b) Greenhouse Management, at Empire State College

c) Small Fruit And Vegetable Production, at Southern Connecticut State University

3. Michael Swango

Alias: Dr. Death

Number of kills: 60 (estimated)

Preferred method: Poisoning

What did Swango study?

a) Veterinary Medicine, at the Cornell University College Of Veterinary Medicine

b) Medicine, at the Southern Illinois University School Of Medicine

c) Dentistry, at the Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine

4. Carl Eugene Watts

Alias: The Sunday Morning Slasher

Number of kills: 100 (estimated)

Preferred method: Stabbing, strangling, bludgeoning, drowning

What Was Watts Offered?

a) Football Scholarship, at Lane College, TN

b) Basketball Scholarship, at Judson College, AL

c) Lacrosse Scholarship, at Knox College, IL

5. John Wayne Gacy

Alias: The Killer Clown

Number of kills: 33 (at least)

Preferred method: Asphyxiation, strangling

What did Gacy study?

a) Medicine, at Albany Medical College

b) Business, at Northwestern Business College

c) Clowning, at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College

6. Ted Bundy

Alias: N/A

Number of kills: At least 30

Preferred method: Bludgeoning, decapitation, necrophilia

What did Bundy study?

a) French, at American College, PA

b) Chinese, at the University of Washington

c) German, at Exeter University, Britain

7. Dennis Rader

Alias: The BTK Strangler

Number of kills: 10

Preferred method: Suffocation, strangling

What did Rader study?

a) Prison Management, at Northern State University

b) Criminal Law, at Grambling State University

c) Administration of Justice, at Wichita State University


1 - C

2 - A

3 - B

4 - A

5 - B

6 - B

7 - C

If you got 1 – 3 correct:

Congratulations: You do not have a morbid interest in serial killers. Or further education, apparently.

If you got 4 – 6 correct:

Frankly, that’s a little weird, but hey, education is a boy’s best friend. After his mother, of course.

If you got all 7 correct:

We feel very, very sorry for your college roommate. Or what’s left of them.

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