This Hydrogen-Powered Catamaran Could Be the Yacht of the Future

Yacht goals.
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If hydrogen fuel cells take off as an alternative to lithium battery-only EVs in rides like the Hyperion XP-1, they may well find their way onto the water in yachts like this Ruma Design Migma. 

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The 180-foot Catamaran takes its name from the Greek word for "mixture" as a nod to the blending of a contemporary twin-hull design with futuristic propulsion, according to Robb Report

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A combo of a liquid hydrogen tank that feeds PEM fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries will power a pair of electric motors, theoretically offering exceptionally long ranges without emissions, fumes or loud noises.

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The Migma is still in early concept stages, so specifics performance aren't available. But a handful of renderings show an interior underpinned by an open modular space suited to anything from mobile conferences to overwater dining, with 360-degree views of the sea courtesy of floor-to-ceiling windows. 

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Surrounding this main space are decks leading to an infinity pool and swim platform at the aft. Tucked below deck are two staterooms lined with electrochromic smart glass that can be blacked out for privacy. 

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If interested in making the Migma a reality, contact Ruma Design online here