Classic Land Rover Defender Is Reimagined as a Post-Apocalyptic People Carrier

Coolest van ever?


Whether the new Land Rover Defender is truly better than the beloved 90s version is up for debate. Samir Sadikhov, a seasoned automotive designer who previously worked for Rezvani Motors and Lamborghini, appears to be in the classic camp based on his crazy Defender-turned-people carrier concept.

Hypebeast first picked up renderings off of Sadikhov’s Instagram page, which is  fantastical automotive concept showcase called Samirs Customs. A three-door Defender 90 widebody appears to be mounted on a chassis from a five-door Defender 110.

A pushbar protects head lights, and fog lights roof, while a unique exterior roll bar guards the muted matte-green body. Other trek-worthy accessories include a rear ladder leading up to a roof rack that’s pictured with a gas jug and jerry cans, custom-treaded off-road tires, and top-mounted lights with the Defender’s traditional circular shape.

Sadikhov has conceptualized other off-roaders before, namely an armored Hummer H1 capable of withstanding missiles, which is even crazier than the Defender Van. And again, his Instagram account is extremely follow-worthy—check out his Ferrari Formula race car, Alonso Indycar “radicalized” Aston Martin Vulcan and Giallo McLaren F1 below: