Meet the Eye-Popping Electric ‘Brawler’ 4×4 That Costs Less Than $35,000

This all-electric off-roader is way cooler than your dad’s dune buggy.

(Vanderhall Motor Works)

Provo, Utah’s Vanderhall Motor Works is pivoting from stylish, gas-powered autocycles to something categorically more ambitious: a head-turning, all-electric 4×4 that you can buy for under $35,000.

Initial specs for the Vanderhall Brawley sounds promising. A quad-motor setup creates a combined 404 hp and 480 pound-feet of torque in the top-tier trim.

Like the GMC Hummer EV, the wheels can also rotate and turn independently, which allows for four low-speed off-road modes. An eCrab mode faces all wheels in the same direction for traversing (like a crab would), while eSteer enables counter-phase steering for tighter turns.

(Vanderhall Motor Works)

The eTank mode rotates the passenger-side and driver-side wheels in opposite directions for even tighter turns (like a tank would), and eCrawl serves as the electronic version of a crawl gear for ascending steep terrain.

Carscoops reports other details. The Brawler stands 147.5 inches long, 76 inches wide, and 69.5 inches tall. Its body is considerably shorter than than almost all other SUVs, but the wheelbase is approximately as long as the Ford Bronco’s at 112.5 inches.

(Vanderhall Motor Works)

Maximum range from either 40 kWh or 60 kWh battery packs is predicted to be up to 200 miles. Compared to other street-legal EVs, that’s low.

Except the Brawler won’t be street-legal, making it something like an advanced, all-electric dune buggy with a fully enclosed cabin and options like a sky roof, windshield wipers, a Kicker audio system, and heated seats. There’s also a rendering showing a tent perched atop its roof, hinting at overlanding package possibilities.

(Vanderhall Motor Works)

Prices for the Vanderhall Brawler start at $34,950, with reservations open now for a $100 deposit.