Mercedes’ All-Electric G-Wagon Stars in ‘Epic 70s Space Opera’ Short Film

A new EV version of the baller German off-roader is coming as early as 2022.

Don’t let the name “EQG Concept” lead you to believe it’s a tease—this is a preview of an imminent all-electric Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.


The luxe German marque promises “the G-Class will turn electric” in the title of its new Future 2021 short film, described as an ” 70s space opera” set in the last year of that decade.


A young man chowing down on a TV dinner with his family is transported into a retconned 2021, when humans play board games with robots, peer through wacky tri-noculars, and the G-Wagon EV roams rugged terrain.

Except the ride is real, albeit not available just yet. CNET’s Road Show reports that the Concept EQG’s production counterpart will debut as early as 2022. The automotive authority points out that the Concept EQG’s body is almost identical to Merc’s current design, but there’s a handful of new bits.


The EQ-trademark front grille is rendered in all black and wrapped in an illuminated band, inside of which is a round circle (squircle) pattern. Light bands also contain the headlights and exterior mirror housings.

Out back, the spare wheel cover is swapped for a lockable box, with more white illuminated accents on the rear door. An LED light strip integrated in to the front edge of the roof rack and spoke-less polished aluminum wheels mark other departures from current G-Wagons.


Mercedes hasn’t revealed much in the way of technical specs. We know that it’ll get an independent suspension on the front axle and a rigid rear axle, an electric motor for each wheel, and a selectable two-speed gearbox for off-road gear reduction.

The production G-Wagon EV will be put through its paces on the 4,470-foot-high Schockl mountain test track, where all other G-Wagons have been sent to prove off-road prowess.


Looks like the GMC Hummer EV is getting some European competition.