Behold the Future of Pickup Trucks Thanks to This Eye-Popping Renault Concept

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While an increasing portion of humanity resides in dense cities, said humanity also seeks to escape the urban jungle for outdoor adventures. They are foiled in their kayaking/snowmobiling/mountain biking goals, however, by the tininess of their urban commuter cars.


That's the way Polish designer Wojciech Jurkowski sees it, and he's not just complaining. He's got a solution, with this design for a modern electric-powered pickup truck that is adaptable to urban living and life in the great outdoors.


Jurkowski sketched the Subtil concept using Renault's form language, envisioning this reconfigurable EV as a product from the French carmaker. 


Sliding second-row seats and a roof that opens up let Subtil's driver convert the vehicle from a four-seat person-hauler to a two-seat cargo-hauler.


In-wheel electric motors drive all four wheels, providing urban efficiency and off-road traction. Future trucks may not end up looking exactly like this, but surely they will encompass this sort of flexibility and efficiency.