A Chicago Bulls Superfan Got a Huge ‘Crying Jordan’ Tattoo on His Leg and It’s Amazing

That’s commitment.

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Michael Jordan is one of the all-time NBA greats and one of the greatest Chicago Bulls players, ever. So one Bulls fan decided it was time to seal Jordan‘s memory into his actual skin.

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TMZ talked to the (obviously gifted) tattoo artist, Steve Butcher. The man works for his money.

Butcher told TMZ his work takes up to 10 hours, but apparently the time (and money) is worth it to some — like the unnamed Bulls fan. 

According to the artist, the guy wants to cover his entire leg with the faces of legendary Bulls. Steve Butcher isn’t just great with portraits of famous athletes, though.

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So good they’re worth framing. But that’d be weird, considering what you’d have to do in order to get one of these great portraits in a frame.