Watch Justin Verlander's Nasty Curve Embarrass the Yankees as Fiancee Kate Upton Bounces in Celebration

This is just sad.
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Hopefully for Justin Verlander, Kate Upton is very turned on by ridiculously great pitching. Because the Houston Astros ace certainly did some of that against the New York Yankees Friday night, leading to an Astros win, 7-1. 

The GIF above is Verlander's killer curve ball embarrassing Yankees slugger Todd Frazier. Slow motion is everything here; it reveals the fact Frazier had absolutely no idea what was coming at him. Here's another look.

Cue Kate Upton.

The big Houston win drives the American League championship to game 7. The winner will face the National League champion Los Angeles Dodgers, a team that was almost unstoppable during the season, save for a slump of 16 losses near the end—which actually didn't hurt them at all, in the long run.

The thing is, the Astros and Verlander have a secret weapon in their corner.

Upton was also in true super model form while watching Game Six, jeans notwithstanding, as she even made a costume change at one point from this:

Kate Upton at ALCS

To this:

Kate Upton in purple at the ALCS Game 6

The Yankees are a tough, resilient team, so Game 7's result is by no means predictable. If they won, we'd see a continuation of the legendary Dodgers-Yankees interleague rivalry.

A loss would mean more Kate Upton in the stands. 

We'll try to stay objective, but who could say no to that?