LeBron James Vs. Michael Jordan Debate Solved By This Video, According To Fans

James’ lack of effort in this viral video clip is being cited as evidence that he’ll never be the NBA GOAT.

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A short viral video of LeBron James‘ lackadaisical play during the Lakers’ recent 109-104 loss to the Mavericks has fans challenging his self-proclaimed NBA GOAT status.

The clip circulating on social media shows James fighting for position and looking for a pass. When he doesn’t get the ball, he appears to become complacent.

As BroBible notes, he doesn’t attempt to box out on a missed shot. Teammate Austin Reaves ends up with an offensive rebound and passes it to Malik Monk, but when the Mavericks recover his missed layup, a visibly defeated James slowly jogs down the court.

The footage comes days after James cited his role in bringing the first NBA title to Cleveland in 2016 as the moment he became the GOAT at an All-Star Game interview.

After making his case to commentator Kenny Smith, he joined longtime GOAT rival Michael Jordan and other greats in being honored as one of 75 greatest players of all-time for the NBA’s 75th Anniversary.

With those comments fresh in MJ fans’ minds, they were quick to use James’ lackluster performance in the clip as evidence that should be dismissed from GOAT discussions.


But the single clip doesn’t show the 26 points James put up that night, or the 21-point deficit the Lakers overcame in just 12 minutes earlier in the game.

The loss saw the 27-34 Lakers slip to a season-worst seven games below .500 and drop to 0-3 since the All-Star break. Even as playoff potential seems to wane, James told reporters that he’ll go down fighting.

“We still have games to play,” James said. “Until you stomp me out, cut my head off, bury me 12 feet under, I’ve got a chance,” James said, per ESPN.

“So that’s my confidence. We’ve got to come here and win ballgames and play better, but as long as we’ve got ballgames to play, we’ve got a chance.”