Paige Spiranac Gives ‘Flop Shot’ Golf Tutorial In New Instagram Video

“Flop it like it’s hot.”

Even Paige Spiranac’s honest-to-god golf lessons are a little too alluring for some fans to handle.

The Maxim Hot 100 “Cover Squad” stunner is known to sprinkle double entrendres into some of her tutorials—see her “How to Grip a Golf Club” video here. But Spiranac’s latest clip simply offers tips for hitting the perfect flop (aka lob) shot, an advanced stroke designed to created as much height as possible so the ball can land softly with minimal forward release, according to Golf Monthly.

“What you’re going to do is open the club face, open the stance, ball forward of center, have your shaft backwards, turn around your front leg, throw it as hard as possible, and have some speed through it and trust it,” Spiranac explains while wearing a tight polo shirt and matching miniskirt. “Flop it like it’s hot.”

Many viewers across TikTok and Instagram were impressed. “You make that look easy. I can’t estimate my hit correctly and I’d mostly drive it well over the green.” one wrote, while another simply commented, “Helluva shot.”

But as BroBible points out, others joked about being too distracted to absorb the knowledge Spiranac was dropping.

“Wait, I wasn’t paying attention…there were distractions,” one admitted. “Ok. Watched 5 TIMES. LEARNED ZERO,” said another.” A third commented, “I missed the part about the flop shot.”

Spiranac surely appreciates the audience engagement. She is, after all, a master of mixing sex appeal with her favorite sport. That strategy is perhaps best exemplified by a photo in which she poses nude in a tub filled with golf balls, some of which are carefully placed to make the image safe for social media.

Check out other recent IG highlights from Sprianac below: