Joe Biden’s Favorite Watches, Ranked

Five classic timepieces favored by America’s 46th president.

Omega/Getty Images

Joe Biden’s Ray-Ban Aviators have long been his signature style accessory, but Biden is also known for wearing an array of stately watches. From a classic Rolex and a pair of Omegas to a Tissot and a Seiko, Biden’s favorite timepieces span sporty luxury to everyday accessibility, much like the watches most associated with past presidents. 


Whether it was Ronald Reagan’s Rolex Datejust (a model also worn by Biden), Barack Obama’s Jorg Gray chronograph gifted to him by the Secret Service, Bill Clinton’s Panerai Luminor PAM00089, George W. Bush’s $40 Timex Easy Reader, or JFK’s 18-karat gold Omega Ultra Thin—a square-faced dress watch often mistaken for a Cartier Tank—nearly every modern president has been associated with at least one classic wristwatch.

It’s highly unlikely that any of Biden’s watches will ever eclipse his beloved Ray-Bans as a defining style accessory, but we still enlisted Tim Stracke, CEO of luxury online watch retailer Chrono24, to rank the 46th president’s five favorites.

1. Rolex Datejust 41

President Biden wearing a Rolex Datejust with his dog, Major

“Based on our review of President Biden’s personal watches, this seems to be a brand new addition and his first Rolex. It’s a fitting gift to commemorate taking the oath of office. The Datejust 41 ref. 126300 with a stainless steel jubilee bracelet, bears the president’s signature style. It’s both classic and understated, and not too flashy but certainly a meaningful addition to his collection. Many previous presidents have gravitated to and worn the Rolex Day-Date in precious metals, but the stainless steel Datejust is a more humble, yet still stately accessory. ” Median price: $9,490


2. Omega Speedmaster Professional

Biden wearing his Omega Speedmaster Professional.

“Omega is a steadfast choice. It’s reliable, stable, and not overly ostentatious. This model continues to be a global favorite and was a part of one of the biggest moments in modern history when Buzz Aldrin wore it on the moon. This is a serious piece of workwear. It’s also an example of a continuous work ethic and dedication that’s especially apparent when the world is watching. The Omega Speedmaster Professional is an understated legacy in its own right.” Median price: $4,309


3. Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

Biden wearing his Omega Seamaster Diver while giving a speech as Vice President.

“We’ve noted Biden is a fan of Omega’s Seamaster Diver 300M as well, and he wears it in various colorways. It’s also understated but purely presidential— this model was worn by JFK at his inauguration in 1961, so it’s also very much a part of the American story. President Biden is clearly an Omega enthusiast based on his multiple variations.” Median price: $3,808


4. Tissot T-Touch 

Biden, wearing a Tissot, with President Obama in 2010

“The Tissot T-Touch is a sporty watch—not only evidenced by the black rubber strap but also by the partly digital ‘touch screen’—accessed by touching the sapphire crystal where the digital output is displayed on the bezel. President Biden has led an active life and has cherished this watch since his vice presidency through today. He has worn this watch from the early days of his vice presidency, through today. It is highly utilitarian and features a number of gadgets like an altimeter, chronometer, compass, alarm, thermometer, and barometer.” Median price: $522


5. Seiko 7T32-6M90 Chronograph

Biden wearing a Seiko Chronograph on the 2020 campaign trail.

“We would speculate that this watch may very well be a lucky charm for President Biden. It’s not necessarily a collector’s item—these models were sold in the 1990s for just a few hundred dollars. But the yellow gold and stainless finish make it look like it is worth much more. We still saw the President wearing this watch at stops along his 2020 campaign. It’s obviously a favorite of his.” Median price: $245