MAD Paris Transformed This Rolex Daytona SK II Into a Stunning Work of Fine Art

You've never seen a custom Rollie quite like this.
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Luxury watch customizers MAD Paris got their hands on a Rolex Daytona SK II and took an already fantastic timepiece and turned it into an exquisitely intricate work of art. 

The original watch was a stainless steel Rollie which MAD took and reconfigured into a striking skeletal version. 


The watch has been designed with the dial exposed to reveal scrollwork beneath, studded with sapphires. It's an approach that takes the trend of clear glass open-backed automatics and reverses it, so you can see the watch at work in plain sight. 

It's a gorgeous way to recognize the craft that goes into any basic Rolex model while enhancing its appearance in a striking way. 


The band is a classic Rolex accessory but the engraving used on the dial has been molded into the steel there as well. 

This beauty still has that Rolex functionality, with 5 ATM water resistance—though why you'd go diving with this on your wrist is a mystery. 

Purchase your Stainless Steel Rolex Daytona Openwork SK II at Browns today—it retails for $68,957.