Panerai Goes Platinum With New Platinumtech Luminor Marina

Limited to just 70 examples, this stunning timepiece also boasts a 70-year warranty.

panerai platinum promo

The watch gurus at Panerai have engineered a luxe new timepiece designed to last decades, and that’s no joke. The Panerai Platinumtech Luminor Marina, or PAM1116, is engineered with Platinumtech, a proprietary platinum alloy, and guaranteed for 70 years. We told you they weren’t joking. What exactly is Platinumtech? It’s even cooler than you might expect.


The Panerai approach to craftsmanship is the stuff of legend, and it’s on full display via the upgraded platinum alloy build. The material is designed to resist scratches, will hold its shine and is harder than traditional platinum, which is quite the luxurious offering in its own right. But throw in added durability and stunningly stylish design, and you’ve got yourself a watch worthy of passing down through the years.

It’s the latest impressive watch launch from the revered watchmaker to catch our eye, seeing as Panerai has carefully crafted covetable and grail-worthy luxury watches for decades. In fact, they’ve long made the kind of watch you’d be glad to have for 70 years, and this one is no exception, complete with a dark brown alligator leather strap.


Its Luminor watches are highly coveted and made with a highly luminous treatment (hence the name), and of course, 70 has more significance for the timepiece company, too: It celebrated its 70th anniversary last year.

This is the kind of timepiece you’ll find yourself making up any excuse to wear. It should stand out stylishly on planes and trains, with fine suiting or a luxurious polo, anywhere on the globe.


The Panerai Platinumtech Luminor Marina will set you back a cool $36,900, but it’s worth every penny. The deep satin green dial is handsome and immediately eye-catching, offset with blue and gold accent hands for the perfect blend of refinement and high-minded design. Oh, and as luck would have it, there are just 70 models available. And if you act quickly enough, one of them could be yours.