Panerai’s New Submersible Is Its Most Eco-Conscious Watch Yet

The eLAB-ID  is constructed from proprietary “EcoTitanium” and nearly 100 percent recycled components.


Solutions to the worldwide climate crisis are closer at hand than you might think—even right on your wrist in the form of your new favorite timepiece. That’s the goal of the newly launched Panerai Submersible eLAB-ID, introduced during the Watches and Wonders trade show.

The Submersible eLAB-ID really is a fittingly wondrous watch to gaze upon, and it raises the bar in a big way, at least as far as eco-conscious watchmaking goes. The revered watchmaker constructed this beastly, rugged and highly functional watch out of proprietary EcoTitanium.


It’s a remarkably lightweight material that’s both aerospace-grade and composed of more than 80 percent recycled content. That’s not all: The weight of the watch itself is made up from 98.6 percent recycled content.

Even the dial markings and hands are sustainable, made with 100 percent recycled SuperLuminova material for standout visibility in the high seas. Oh, and the most important detail of all, the highly precise movement, uses 100 percent recycled silicon, making the eLAB-ID one of the most eco-conscious watches ever made.


That innovation doesn’t come without a price (it retails for $61,700 at Panerai), but it’s an investment worth making if you want to support a company that’s pushing the boundaries of technical skill.

The watch also features Panerai’s signature sandwich dial, almost like a stencil effect, with the luminescent material resting beneath a cut-out dial. To say it’s cool and distinctive is quite the understatement, and again, you can’t beat that environmentally conscious material construction, either.

The dial itself features bold blue and grey, and the contrast strap stitching calls to mind a watch made to be worn in the deep blue sea. Even the gold hands contain recycled material, part of an effort by Panerai to challenge its competitors to reuse material whenever possible.

The results are, as ever, highly stylish, always functional and always well-considered. Your eco-conscious approach now extends to your watch collection, and that’s a win indeed.