Post Malone and Arnette Collab on Sustainable Sunglasses Collection

A pair of “Bio-Acetate” frames arrive as the latest in the “Circles” hitmaker and eyewear brand’s Design Series.

Post Malone x Arentte  (6)


Post Malone and Arnette’s eyewear collaboration continues with the launch of the Bio-Acetate Collection. 

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Two new sustainably-sourced models serve as the latest release in the “Circles” hitmaker and Luxottica-owned brand’s Design Series. The first, referenced as AN4279, is a Posty-exclusive featuring crystal-layer temples with “POST MALONE” logo core wires in five colors—Blue Jeans, Deep Forest, Blood Red, Purple Haze and Blackout. 

Arnette’s Kokoro silhouette also gets a Post-approved update with either striped or transparent tones, more crystal-layer temples, and a laser-pattern core-wire. 


Both feature frames made from bio-acetate—a material that’s smoother than traditional acetate but composed largely of renewable resources in an effort reduce harmful emissions. The lenses are made from a polyamide that gets 39 percent of their base molecules from castor oil. Some form of eco-friendly packaging is also promised, although no additional art or details were provided.  


The shady collab first launched with a 1990s-style circular metal frames, a pair made from “sustainable bioplastic,” and a more sophisticated clip-on design. It’s one of many buzzy projects we’ve seen from the genre-blending artist, including his wildly successful Maison No. 9 French rosé wine label and an upcoming organized beer pong league


Priced from $94-$124, the entire Post Malone x Arnette collection is live on Sunglass Hut