Rolex Drops 18-Karat White Gold 2019 GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’ Watch

The classic timepiece gets a serious premium upgrade.

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Rolex designed its GMT-Master line for pilots, not as part of some high-end soft drink promotion. That doesn’t change the fact the version of the GMT-Master II with a red and blue bezel has acquired the nickname “Pepsi,” since the color combo matches the scheme favored by Coca-Cola’s biggest rival.

The nickname is a distraction, though, not worth a Rolex fan’s annoyance—because there’s a reason this is one of the luxe brand’s most noteworthy models. One that’s definitely worth a new 18-karat white gold issue for 2019

First there’s the aesthetics. Let’s just say there’s a reason some consumer brands (like Timex) have seen fit to riff on the GMT-Master II’s look. There are likely better or at least equally good mergers of style and function in horology, but it’s hard to think of any off the top of my head.  

Then there’s that functionality. This is a timepiece designed for globetrotters, with a display that shows different time zones simultaneously. Then alongside the usual hands there is the 24-hour hand and the 24-hour graduated bezel. Together they allow the wearer to easily adapt to new time zones on the go without ever losing that storied Rolex precision.


There are some extra-special elements to this Rolex which truly set it apart. There’s the calibre 3285, which Rolex says is “a new-generation movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex.”

This movement has a remarkable 70-hour power reserve, guaranteed, and of course bears Swiss certification, a hallmark of true high-precision timepieces. It’s also shock and temperature resistant thanks to a Parachrom hairspring.

And of course there’s the fact the band is made from 18-karat white gold. That jumps this “Pepsi” up into some pretty rarified territory, and is sure to make it a collector’s and investor’s favorite. 

Think you’re ready for the 2019 GMT-Master II? Head to, where it retails for $36,750.