The Top Watch Trends Of 2024 So Far

Dress watches and pops of color are on the rise, according to a top watch expert.

(Cartier/Rolex/Tag Heuer)

Just when you thought your watch collection was sorted out in fine form, new horological updates keep ticking forward. Classic dress watches, distinctly-shaped timepieces and pops of color are among the top trends of 2024 so far, according to a watch expert.

(Patek Philippe)

Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of online pre-owned luxury watch retailer SwissWatchExpo, peered into his crystal ball to note that watches are taking on on a dressier, slimmed-down and more colorful look across the board.

LVMH Watch Week kicked things off with a true bang last month, and the race is on for what’s new, what’s next and what’s hiding in plain sight in the world of collectible watches.


Accordingly, it can be hard to keep up, whether it’s the ongoing popularity of, say, the Rolex Submariner (the most covetable watch of 2023, according to Google) or the increasing scarcity of the most valuable Patek Philippe watches on the market, for instance.

Tutunikov is keeping a particular eye on elegant, refined dress watches like the Cartier Tank, which signal a return to classic form and have caught the eye of many a celebrity looking for a red carpet-ready accessory.

(Cartier Tank/Courtesy of Cartier)

“A classic men’s dress watch showcases unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative designs that are not just your typical timepieces, but moreso pieces of jewelry that are the allure of fine watchmaking,” Tutunikov tells us, noting that both celebs and consumers remain on the hunt for a stylish dress watch.


“Also, the usual dress watch isn’t just for special occasions now, as consumers are looking for a traditional yet elevated aesthetic to pair with a casual look,” he added, calling out models like the Rolex Day-Date and IWC’s Portuguese as dress watch excellence personified.

“There’s a fun twist to the typical dress watch that might have a pop of color, or unique materials used for the dial. For a lot of men, it’s their way of expressing their creativity and standing out if they don’t wear any other types of jewelry.”


Tutunikov also points to celebrities like Timothee Chalamet and The Weeknd sporting smaller watches as evidence of this burgeoning trend, with timepieces like the Rolex Cellini nodding to classic, crisp elegance.

“Smaller watch sizes are not new, but a return to the norm pre-1990’s,” he said. “We refer to them as historical sizing. The watch industry has been buzzing about smaller references for the past decade, though the vast majority of new luxury watches are 40mm and above.”

“With male celebrities sporting smaller watches, consumers are following suit and gravitating towards dainty watches under 36mm,” Tutunikov said.

(Tag Heuer)

Watches with a distinct design and case shape also continue to pick up steam, Tutunikov noted, pointing to styles like the Tag Heuer Monaco and its popularity among stylish young stars like Jacob Elordi.

“As consumers look to celebrities to guide them in their next big watch purchase, male celebrities are wearing all shapes and sizes on their wrists,” he said. “As most consumers still gravitate towards a classic round Rolex or Cartier Tank, there is a new wave of buyers and a higher demand for watches with a uniquely shaped case.”


Watches with bold pops of color, like the famed two-tone Rolex Submariner, are also here to stay in the watch market, and as certain Rolex models increase in value, the race is on to score a coveted, classic timepiece.

Tutunikov called a uniquely shaped watch the “ultimate symbol of individuality and creativity.”

If these trends stay true to form across the rest of the year, demand should prove high for distinct watches of all shapes, sizes and colors. Upgrade your wrist game accordingly.