These Paul Newman-Gifted Rolex Watches Could Be Yours

The rare Rolex timepieces feature custom engravings and are expected to fetch up to $100K at auction.


The best watches on the market serve a purpose beyond matters of style, and some timepieces even go above and beyond further than one might expect, which certainly holds true with two legendary watches worn by legendary stuntman Stan Barrett.

As part of its Important Watches 2022 Auction, Sotheby’s is auctioning off two Rolex watches worn by the stuntman — watches gifted to him by none other than close friend and noted auto legend and fanatic Paul Newman himself (no stranger to Rolex watches in his own right).

Barrett and Newman were friends for four decades and worked together on a run of iconic films, to say the least.


Both the Rolex GMT Master (with a coveted “Pepsi” bezel) and a stainless steel Ref. 6262 Daytona celebrate quite the accomplishment: Barrett surprised Mach 1 riding in the Budweiser Rocket in an event sponsored by Budweiser.

The feat was so impressive, Anheuser-Busch CEO August Busch even gifted Barrett a third seriously cool, iconic watch, a yellow-gold Rolex GMT Master complete with its own custom engraving nodding to his lightning-fast speed.


Barrett was such an accomplished driver, he even went on to race professionally for NASCAR in the 1980s, but it’s perhaps his relationship with Newman and his own historic exploits that cemented his place in both auto and watch world history.

Rare vintage Rolex watches are all the rage these days, and the Newman-gifted Rolex Daytona could fetch upwards of $300,000, while the two GMT models could fetch anywhere from $50,000 to a cool $100K.

The trio of watches are currently on view at Sotheby’s flagship Monterey auction, and lucky bidders will have their chance to score a piece of history this coming December at Sotheby’s in New York. Blink and you just might miss your chance.