Thom Browne Celebrates 20 Years Of Groundbreaking Style With Sporty Capsule Collection

The famed American suitmaker’s latest drop features varsity jackets, tailored sweats, classic cardigans and sweater polos.

(Thom Browne)

Two decades ago, the fashion world hadn’t quite seen silhouettes designed by the likes of Thom Browne, replacing suit pants with cropped trousers and shorts (yes, shorts).

It was an unmistakably recognizable look, and it’s fair to say the likes of it still aren’t all that common — accordingly, the American designer is celebrating those two decades with a bold anniversary collection.

(Thom Browne)

Suit shorts have dominated the runways and even the “catwalk” of the NBA Finals in the years since, even if supermodel Emily Ratajkowski dislikes the ankle-baring look.

The collection carries on Browne’s staple pieces, like his signature four-stripe design details, his penchant for navy and grey colorways, and his knack for blending sportswear and tailoring seamlessly.

(Thom Browne)

The offering also features varsity jackets, tailored sweats, classic cardigans and sweater polos, most of which are accented by piped red-and-blue (or white-striped) detailing.

(Thom Browne)

Pieces can be mixed and matched flawlessly with one another, not unlike Browne’s employee “uniform” policy, which offers access to grey suiting, white Oxford shirts and crisp black dress shoes.

Browne’s milestone and latest capsule collection is as game-changing now as decades ago, and those who prize the designer’s distinctive look should keep an eye out for its debut in stores and online now.