Todd Snyder Steps Into Summer With Breezy ‘Bohemian’ Menswear Collection

The Moroccan-inspired style drop includes Snyder’s first sandal and espadrille offerings.

Todd Snyder Bohemian Collection

Dressing with distinction and refinement in the summer months feels like a tall order, but as with most things dreamed up by famed menswear designer Todd Snyder, that lofty goal just got a bit more achievable.

The launch of the Todd Snyder Bohemian Collection, right on time for the sweltering months ahead, brings with it both breezy sophistication and intriguing texture in spades.

(Todd Snyder)

Snyder drew particular inspiration from 1950s ex-pats living in Tangier, Morocco, with an emphasis on dusty colors, rustic textures and an assortment of pastel stripes.

The collection also plays around with larger volume in tailoring and across luxe, leisurely pieces, especially with linensportcoats, not to mention sweater polos and Ghurka trousers.

(Todd Snyder)

The collection itself continues to break new ground for the designer, who launched his first-ever cologne this winter and debuted Todd Snyder chukka boots last year.

(Todd Snyder)

The Bohemian Collection sees the introduction of Italian-made Nomad line of leather sandals and espadrilles, all the better to add a touch of refinement to the largely casual slip-on silhouette.

Snyder and his team also worked with Madrid-based Guanábana on beach bags and an additional offering of sandals and espadrilles.

(Todd Snyder)

Proprietary yarn and fabric blends are quite literally woven throughout the collection, be it Irish linen from Baird McNutt or Japanese rayon and Italian cotton.

The fact that those pieces make their way into fan-favorite Snyder silhouettes like the warm-weather-friendly Todd Snyder Madison Suit is a major bonus.

(Todd Snyder)

The collection fuses a sense of easygoing texture and vibrant-yet-dusty color with tailored refinement, the sort of looks that wouldn’t feel out of place during a coastal vacation anywhere across the globe (especially Tangier).

Pieces from the Todd Snyder Bohemian Collection are rolling out online now at Todd Snyder, and it looks like your summer just got a lot more elegant.