The Urwerk ‘Space Black’ UR-120 Channels Sci-Fi Style

Back in black.


There’s always a level of intense precision and impossible cool in any Urwerk luxury timepiece, be it the titanium Magic T watch or a Bugatti-inspired edition.

It’s what’s inside the brand’s incredibly complicated movements that counts, but the exterior is just as important: That’s why Urwerk revamped the UR-120 in black DLC sandblasted titanium, dubbed “Space Black.”


Talk about a far-out update to the Urwerk UR-120, which boasts a UR-20.01-caliber movement and a central carousel outfitted with three planetary gears.

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It’s the kind of watch that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, or a timepiece beamed in from the future, as tends to be the most with most highly covetable, practically unattainable Urwerk watches.


The sub-satellites of the Space Black UR-120 rotate and split into a “V” in a nod to the Vulcan salute from Star Trek.

The 32-jewel movement features a 48-hour power reserve, not that you’d ever want to take this watch off your wrist: Enviable doesn’t begin to cover it.


In yet another innovative design detail, Urwerk used flexible lugs for less rigidity than in a standard watch, and the upper part of the 44mm case itself is crafted without a single screw or notch.

That’s all the better to show off the “perfectly fluid lines” of the timepiece, Urwerk noted.


A watch of such remarkable design and precision comes with a fitting, out-of-this-galaxy price tag: The latest Urwerk UR-120 starts at $122,500, and it’s anyone’s guess who might be one of the lucky few to add this to their Urwerk collection.