What Rolex’s Certified Pre-Owned Watch Program Means For Collectors

Bob’s Watches CEO Paul Altieri weighs in on a new era in the pre-owned luxury watch game.

Rolex x Bob's Watches
Bob’s Watches

The market for the best pre-owned luxury watches has never been bigger, and scoring one just got even more tempting: Rolex just announced it will certify pre-owned “Rollies” for the first time ever.

That means, among other things, that pre-owned watches more than three years old will now come with a two-year international warranty, and they’ll also complete with a certified pre-owned seal from Rolex.

What does this mean for those who want to score a Rolex watch on the secondary market? Bob’s Watches CEO and Founder Paul Altieri sees it as complimentary nod to the booming enthusiasm for vintage timepieces.

Tropical Dial Rolex Auction
Bob’s Watches

“I think overall it’s a positive validation for the secondary market for pre-owned Rolex watches,” Altieri said.

Bob’s Watches frequently deals in rare, vintage Rolex watches of all types across the board, including a covetable auction earlier this fall of rare ‘tropical dial’ Rolex timepieces.

Bob’s Watches

Logistical details covering how Rolex will certify, treat and inspect watches are forthcoming, always a sticking point among watch collectors.

And for now, Certified Pre-Owned Rolex Watches will only be available in person starting this December in six countries (through official Rolex retailer Bucherer).


For now, Altieri said that the news shouldn’t have a material effect on pre-owned Rolex timepieces, as Altieri says the market “is highly efficient with multiple players across the Internet.”

However, Altieri notes that getting a further stamp of approval from Rolex itself could lure more buyers into shopping for a pre-owned timepiece from the famed brand. That increase, in turn, could cause a jump in prices. “Time will tell,” Altier added.

Bob’s Watches

Altieri noted that customers still love the convenience of buying a watch online. He points to the fact that several online outlets have sold pre-owned Rolex watches for a number of years, Bob’s Watches included, so the impact to online watch-selling remains minimal.

Bob’s Watches

If anything, another precise endorsement from Rolex could be just the push a watch enthusiast needs to score a “grail watch,” but one thing is clear: There’s never been a better time to score a “Rollie.”