Zodiac’s Super Sea Wolf World Time Watch Is Designed For Global Travelers

Limited edition timepiece for globe trotters.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf World Time (5)

Shortly after Zodiac followed up its seminal Sea Wolf dive watch with a “Super” bigger brother, the Swiss watchmaker added a World Time function to the Super Sea Wolf in 1970. That reference is being revived over 50 years later in the name of retro-modernity. 


The revamped Super Sea Wolf Word Time is offered in two straightforward colors, marking a departure from the flashy neon green and “Blackout” Super Sea Wolves Zodiac has launched recently. 


One gets a red bezel, a black 24-hour ring, and a stainless steel dial, while the other features a black bezel and dial with a contrasting 24-hour ring. Both are paired with a three-link stainless steel bracelet. 


The no-frills aesthetic is suited well to on-the-go everyday wear, and that’s by design. Combining Zodiac’s famed universal Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) tracker with a world time outer ring and rotating bezel allows users to track a second time zone by aligning the bezel city marker with the current time on the 24-hour ring. 

“The Super Sea Wolf World Time is the ultimate traveler’s watch. Inspired by the enthusiasm the style received in the 1970’s and the wanderlust we have all experienced in the past year, our team was excited to reimagine this timepiece for the modern traveler,” Zodaic Creative Director Ryan White. 


“With a brushed stainless steel case, sunray dial and swissmade Soprod C125 automatic movement, it’s a new twist on a classic piece of our heritage.”

Priced at $1,795, the Zodiac Limited Edition Super Sea Wolf World Time is available online now.