Demi Lovato Wants Fans to Know Her Boobs Aren't as Big as they Seem


Demi Lovato doesn't want anyone to get the wrong idea. In a recent Instagram post the singer's caption stating that "Objects in this picture may seem bigger than they actually are" is a pretty straightforward reference to the size of her breasts. 

And that's a realistic concern, given they do definitely look out-sized in her outfit -- it's definitely designed to lift and promote Demi's assets.

Her enhanced cleavage isn't the star of this killer pic, however -- even though a close look shows she's still wearing the same thing, what really jumps out at you is the hotness factor of Demi reclining in bed. 

Looks like Cannes and the French Riviera in general really agree with Demi. That said, she's looking killer in general, lately. Study the instas below to determine if she's being too modest about her boob size.