Watch Hailey Clauson Wear the 'Smallest Bikini She Could Find' in Steamy New Video

Damn, is this thing even legal?

It was probably freezing cold when Hailey Clauson shot this sexy video in the snow-covered Finnish countryside, but her teeny bikini was hotter than hell. 

While shooting the eye-popping clip for Sports Illustrated, the stunning supermodel revealed that she loved wearing "the smallest bikini she could find" with her winter boots.  

Hailey Clauson

It's definitely lacking in the coverage department, but it is as tiny as the one Hannah Ferguson did a mind-boggling twerk in last year? 

We're pretty positive it's not any smaller than Gigi Hadid's barely-there bikini, either.  

But what we're absolutely sure of is that we love Clauson's skimpy swimsuit almost as much as we love her penchant for flaunting her cleavage with some epic "hand bra" shots...

...and the rest of her smoldering Instagram pics. Here's a sampling: 

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