Sara Underwood, the World’s Hottest Globe Trotter, Is on a Sexy African Adventure

We’ve got all the pics right here.

Sara Underwood
Image: Instagram/@saraunderwood

The thing that makes Sara Underwood a particularly follow-worthy Instababe is that, in addition to starring in sultry Instagram videos like this (thanks again, JZL)…

…she’s arguably the sexiest nomad the world has ever known. Recently, the bombshell brought even more heat to the hottest locale on earth—the Sahara desert.

Even those camels couldn’t help but cheese out at such a beautiful sight. 

But not all of Sara’s nature interactions went so smoothly. In Morocco, she indulged in the fruits of the land. Or tried to, anyway.

Alas, a local market in Marrakech was a better spot to try native produce.

Here some other hot highlights from her African adventure.

The rest of her feed is brimming with eye-popping shots from other excursions. 

In the Mexican municipality of Tulum, for example, she enjoyed bicycles, beer, and the company of a smoking-hot travel companion.

There’s no sexier way to see the world.