Watch This Lingerie Football League Player Deliver a Vicious One-Punch Knockout After a Touchdown


Lingerie Football League

Do not let the name or the curvy models in helmets fool you—the Lingerie Football League is still a bunch of fit and aggressive young women playing football. And just as in any other kind of football, things can get heated.

In the video above, the Pittsburgh Rebellion and Omaha Heart were facing off near the end zone and Pittsburgh scored a touchdown. Naturally the team celebrated, including injured running back Sonia Osselborn. 

Osselborn apparently took issue with the way defender Amanda Hogan was doing her job and tried to run up on the taller opponent. 

LFL punch end zone
LFL video

For her trouble, she ended up a little more injured than before. 

MMA and the LFL are very different, but this is still a pretty familiar scenario to anyone who saw the way Bethe Correia paid the price at UFC Singapore for taunting Holly Holm. 

Don’t ever challenge someone else to bring it unless you know you can take it.

h/t Brobible