GTA Online Debuts ‘Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid’ As Surprise Free Expansion

Corrupt cops, cocaine cartels, and fried chicken figure into a brand new raid in the crime-ridden world of GTA Online.

Credit: Rockstar

Gamers around the world are eager to find out more about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 taking the series back to Vice City, but that’s not stopping Rockstar from continuing to add free content to the current world of GTA Online with a brand new raid courtesy of the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid.

The surprise franchise expansion borrows inspiration from Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermanos, so yes, you can now play a GTAO game that combines drug running and fried chicken. 

Credit: Rockstar

GTA Online’s raids are some of the best content in the franchise, and have spanned from heisting casinos to burglarizing a crime kingpin’s private island to preventing a literal doomsday. For the Cluckin’ Bell raid, gamers will take on crooked cops, cartels and cocaine with the tried and true formula of big guns, fast cars and a bit of GTA’s signature ultra-violence. 

Credit: Rockstar

Like all GTAO raids, there’s a method to the madness. Crews will be tasked with building a slush fund of laundered cash, gathering some deadly hardware and gear and doing recon on the inner workings of the operation. The raid culminates in a farm complex infiltration that will net the crew some serious cash and a new level of infamy in the world of Los Santos. 

The Cluckin’ Bell raid is available now on GTA Online and all digital platforms. It can be played solo or with a crew of up to four players and brings with it new vehicles, new achievements and big payouts. Watch the trailer above.