Sandra Bullock And Brad Pitt Are On A Lethal Mission In Latest Assassin-Filled ‘Bullet Train’ Trailer

Pitt faces off with fellow assassins on a Japanese bullet train in the film’s second official trailer.

Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt are re-teaming onscreen for the first time since The Lost City in the latest trailer for the assassin-packed action/comedy, Bullet Train.

Bullock turns up as Maria Beetle, the handler of bucket hat-wearing, wisecracking killing machine Ladybug (Pitt). She assigns him to retrieve a briefcase from a high-speed train in Japan and then get off safely before the next stop.

But things get hairy when Ladybug realizes the train is filled with his fellow assassins, some of which have ties to his past. The stylish action flick was directed by Deadpool 2 and Atomic Blonde helmer David Leitch.

The new trailer also teases more details from the film’s fast-paced story, based on the hit novel Maria Beetle by Japanese author Kotaro Isaka, which was published in English as Bullet Train.

Pitt’s Ladybug runs into fellow trained killers Prince (Joey King), Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry) and Hornet (Zazie Beetz), along with cameos by pop singer Bad Bunny and the always-villainous Michael Shannon.

Bullet Train is set to be released in theaters July 15. Watch the film’s second official trailer above.