Top Influencer Abigail Ratchford Brings the Heat With Exclusive Swimsuit Photos

"I've been posting 'scandalous' images for the past eight years on my Instagram for free, and now I’m getting paid an insane amount for them."
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Social media bombshell Abigail Ratchford is sharing an exclusive set of new photos.

Instagram's self-proclaimed "Queen of Curves" rocks a gold sequin bikini while posing in her Beverley Hills pad's pool in the shoot lensed by photographer Lance Andrews.

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"All of the colors surrounding the pool—rust, copper, terracotta,—combined with the golden hour time of day gave the setting an almost Mediterranean feel and looked gorgeous against the turquoise water," Ratchford says of the shoot. "Everything came together perfectly that day."

Ratchford has amassed 15 million followers across social media since 2013, including 9.1 million Instagram fans. But she has lately been critical of Insta's increasingly restrictive guidelines.

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"Times are definitely changing," Ratchford explains. "Pictures that are deemed too sexy get taken down at lightning speed now, and I know girls who have had their entire accounts deleted (despite having millions of followers) for posting content that was 'too suggestive.'" 

That seemingly arbitrary content removal is what fellow influencer Lindsey Pelas blasted earlier this year in a series of pointed tweets. It's also what drove Ratchford to join subscription-based site OnlyFans, where content restrictions remain lax after the company was pressured into canning a planned ban on "sexually explicit" content

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"The content you will find on my OnlyFans is definitely racier 100 percent!" she says of her latest social media feed, launched in late August. 

"As I grow my following more on there, my content will continue to get sexier and sexier and my Instagram content will gradually get tamer."

"I have a bunch of shoots lined up specifically for my OnlyFans. I'm beyond excited for all of the final content that will come from them; super sexy and edgy stuff that I know my fans are going to love."

While Ratchford didn't reveal how much she's earned on OnlyFans since launching her new account, she suggested it's been quite lucrative so far. 

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"I've been posting 'scandalous' images for the past eight years on my Instagram for free, and now I’m getting paid an insane amount for them."

Ratchford says she also plans to launch an NFT, a slew of beauty and fashion features, and new merch in the coming months.

In the meantime, take a peek at some of her signature steamy 'Grams below.