We Like to Watch: June 6-12, 2011

This week is for manly men! Check out the Stanley Cup and NBA finals, along with some cursing cartoons and The 5th Annual Guys Choice Awards.

This week is for manly men! Check out the Stanley Cup and NBA finals, along with some cursing cartoons and The 5th Annual Guys Choice Awards.

Monday, June 6

9:00 p.m. American Chopper (Discovery)

Tonight we’ll find out who will emerge victorious after the season-long Senior vs. Junior showdown. We don’t know who will reign supreme in the second part of their Cadillac build-off, but we’re putting our money on Senior, and that’s mostly because of his bitchin’ facial hair. Also, he scares the hell out of us and we have no intention of making him angry.

Tuesday, June 7

10:00 p.m. Covert Affairs(USA)

Sure, it’s still a little hard to disassociate Piper Perabo from her part in the 2000, uh, classic Coyote Ugly, but there are some key things that set her and her crime drama series Covert Affairs–which is back for its second season tonight–apart from the so bad-it’s-bad sexy bartender flick. 1. Piper finally shows off her sweet…acting chops. In fact, her turn as CIA trainee Annie Walker is so impressive it earned her a Golden Globe nomination. 2. There’s a credible producer to its name. Whereas Jerry Bruckheimer had his hand in Coyote Ugly (then, why were there so few explosions we ask you?!) while Doug Liman, who directed the top notch Bourne Identity, has a part in in Covert Affairs. And, perhaps most importantly, 3. In Affairs, there are zero plot lines involving Tyra Banks going to law school. Case closed.

Wednesday, June 8

10:00 p.m. South Park (Comedy Central)

To call this season of South Park one of the most lewd and twisted yet is really saying something, considering this is a series that came up with both Lemmiwinks and Woodland Critter Christmas. But, for anyone that witnessed that hilarious horror that was the premiere episode, “The Human CentiPad“, they would likely argue in favor of this assessment. We’ll see if the folks at South Park can outdo themselves once more as the spring season wraps up this evening.

Friday, June 10

9:00 p.m. 5th Annual Guys Choice Awards (Spike TV)

Sandwiched between Wednesday’s CMT Music Awards (which inexplicably/unforgivably nominated Justin Bieber this year) and Sunday’s Tony Awards (sorry, host Neil Patrick Harris, not even your awesomeness could get us to tune in for this), the Guys Choice Awards will actually honor the things that matter. Categories this year include Best Girl On Girl Scene (Black Swan‘s Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis vs. The Roommate‘s Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester and Unstoppable JockAaron Rogers vs. Kobe Bryant). There’s also some choice presenters and attendees like Harrison Ford, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Danny McBride, as well as their version of the Lifetime Achievement Award–the Decade of Hotness Award–which will go to Jennifer Aniston.

Saturday, June 11

12:35 a.m. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

Host Jimmy Fallon will welcome two guests who both have a lot of ‘splainin’ in the early Saturday hours. First, there’s Jason Lee who’s stopping by, presumably, to give a long-overdue apology for both Alvin and the Chipmunks movies and then there’s beautiful Scream 4 star Emma Roberts, who may finally reveal how, at just 20-years-old, she’s already beginning to run circles around aunt Julia Roberts and father Eric Roberts. Though we’d venture to guess not appearing in Eat, Pray, Love and/or Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew might have something to do with it.


Check Local Listings, Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals (NBC, ABC)

Both the Stanley Cup Finals and the NBA Finals should be wrapping up this week, allowing you to finally get back to the important things in life, like rediscovering your passion for your work, spending ample time with loved ones and finishing up that outdoor project you’ve been holding off. Just kidding, now you can re-focus all your energy back into the 2011 MLB season!

What To Skip

Tuesday, June 7

9:00 p.m., 19 Kids & Counting (TLC)

It’s no small feat to become a more unsettling show than TLC’s other nutso over-breeder hit Kate Plus 8, but that fruitful Duggar clan–who kick off a new season by going skiing in Colorado–really pull it off, don’t they? We honestly don’t know which bugs us out more, the idea of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar doing it that many times or that all of their kids’ names start with the letter J. Either way, all we’ll be counting is our blessings… that our cable provides us with roughly a hundred other things to watch.