Last-Minute Gifts For Cannabis Connoisseurs

Cannabis releases that hit highs in 2023.


Cannabis fans had plenty to celebrate this year. From ultra-mellow CBD pre-rolls to Seth Rogen-approved ashtrays and other goodies that made every day 4/20, there were more ways to enjoy everyone’s favorite mind-altering plant than ever before. As we head into 2024, here’s nine more products that hit highs in 2023.

Dad Grass Deluxe THC Gummies

(Dad Grass)

Dad Grass, which specializes in CBD flower, pre-rolls, tinctures and gummies that evoke the mellower weed strains of yesteryear (“low-dose, full toke, like your parents used to smoke”) inched closer to traditional gummies with these “mild-dose” 2mg THC/10mg CBD chewables. The federally-legal, hemp-derived Deluxes deliver an easy-going, “mellow to the max” high, offering a much-needed alternative to the increasingly stronger options flooding the market. These Pineapple Ginger Lime-flavored treats are an excellent choice for those seeking a laid-back buzz that won’t get you too stoned—unless you keep popping them, of course. $55

CANN Social Tonic


CANN is a THC-infused “social tonic” that deftly bridges the swelling cannabis drinks industry and the kind of unexpectedly-flavored sodas that are suddenly lining beverage shelves at Whole Foods. At 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD per can (or 5mg THC/10mg CBD for taller “Hi Boy” cans), they’re carefully microdosed so drinkers can modulate their cannabis experiences. Available in flavors like Blood Orange Cardamom, Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary and Cranberry Sage, these sessionable seltzers offer a gentle, relaxing high that could well replace beer or wine at gatherings in Dry January and beyond. $72 for a Starter Pack

Houseplant Side Table Ashtray


Seth Rogen’s Houseplant brand keeps churning out stylish housewares, from marbled concrete ashtrays to luxury candles. The actor-turned-entrepreneur’s latest weed-centric side table is no exception. The glazed porcelain and stainless steel furnishing is designed with utility in mind, serving as an ashtray, side table and rolling station all at once. It features Houseplant’s signature deep, ash-catching well and a removable table for easy cleaning. Available in Olive, Black or Orange, it also just might pull the room together with more than a whiff of mid-century modern style. $195

Holk King Size Cone Carry Case


Holk is a Scandinavian company that understands not all cannabis accessories need to be gaudy, colorful or covered in dancing bears. Holk’s carry case is understated and precisely engineered to be good-looking, durable and, most importantly, useful, holding four king-size cones and a little stash for extra green or half-smoked leftovers in the bottom. The polished metal case comes in black, silver or gold for anyone who wants to class up their carrying case. $129

Storz and Bickel ‘Venty’ Handheld Vaporizer

(Storz and Bickel)

The brand behind the Volcano, the legendary vape that was the gold standard for non-carcinogenic consumption of cannabis flower, has taken all the power and efficiency of the Volcano and shrunken into a handheld, portable form with their Venty vaporizer. Durable, weighty and with enough oomph to heat herb to just below burning in a matter of seconds, the Venty handheld puts many of its competitors to shame. $449



Few cannabis brands are as instantly recognizable, by sight or by taste, as Dizzies. Coming in pre-rolls, edibles or half-ounce bags, Dizzies combines an exceptionally potent flower with a flavor that’s so reminiscent of candy, it’s scary. All of them are good but Frozen Lemonade and Green Apple Sucker were the best of the bunch. $30

Smokus Focus Eclipse Stash Jars

(Smokus Focus)

Keeping cannabis in plastic bags is better left to teenage kids hiding weed from their parents. Upgrade to these Smokus Focus’ Eclipse stash jars with a magnifying top that’s the weed connoisseur’s equivalent of a jeweler’s loupe. They could become a staple of any aficionado’s home, allowing a closer look at the modern miracle of cannabis growth while keeping your sticky icky fresh and at the ready. $69

Bombatta Premium Exotic Cannabis


Certain brands stand out with their quality, others with their packaging. Bombatta does both. The four different strains the company produces are all legit. Tasty, potent and making brand fans wish they’d sell in bulk. The four strains—Original Bombatta, Sake Bomb, Kosmic Kush and Nerve Gas—were varied enough that they genuinely felt appropriate for specific circumstances with Sake Bomb being a favorite. Each jar comes with a built-in grinder magnetized to the cap, which is a nice touch. $75

Psilouette Macro Gummies

These THC-free gummies feature a subtle infusion of psilocybin, the naturally-occurring psychedelic that has shown promise in treating depression, anxiety and PTSD, among other mental health challenges. For those seeking a decidedly milder mushroom journey than what you get from munching on caps and stems, Psilouette—which also offers microdose options—recommends taking up to four Macros for a “subtle state change” and five-plus for a more euphoric and immersive experience. $100-$170