Lamborghini Reveals Off-Roading Huracan Sterrato

The first off-road Lamborghini supercar will debut at Miami’s Art Basel on November 30.


Porsche isn’t the only auto brand with a buzzy off-road sports car in the production pipeline. Lamborghini has pulled the camouflaged wraps off the Huracan Sterrato, showing the rugged supercar’s true skin for the first time in new images.


The “Sterrato”—Italian for “dirt”—first appeared in 2019 in the form of a concept with a jacked-up body, rally tires and tons of LEDs. Earlier this year, a test mule prototype debuted in gravel-spitting, sideways glory via Lambo’s Beyond the Concrete video teaser series.

The third Beyond the Concrete part starring the prototype, newly released alongside this production version imagery, shows more of the same dirty drifting, but no official details from Lamborghini have been released.

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Road & Track points out that the beefy fender flares and dual bumper-mounted fog lights appear to be present in new images of the production car, and it’s picked up a gnarly rear hood scoop over the engine bay. The prototype’s roof-mounted lightbar hasn’t carried over from the prototype, but perhaps that will be an option.


The automotive outlet suspects that the 5.2-liter V10 that powers every other Huracan will serve the Sterrato. An AWD drivetrain also makes sense, given its off-road mission.

All questions about the latest Lambo will likely be answered when the Huracan Sterrato debuts at Art Basel in Miami on November 30.