Meet the Naran 'Hyper Coupe,' the Latest Member of the 1,000-HP Club

A fearsome twin-turbo V8 powers the new British supercar.
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The UK's Naran Automotive is the latest startup to unveil plans for a limited-edition hypercar aimed at discerning collectors, some of which will be pleased to learn is absent of a battery-electric or hybrid powertrain. 

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The Naran runs a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 tailor-made by Alexandra, Virginia's Racing Dynamics that sends 1,048-horsepower and 764-pound-feet of toruqe to either all or the rear wheels. Motor 1 reports that the vehicle comes set up for GT3-class motorsport, with a readily adjustable double-wishbone suspension, race-spec hydraulic steering rack, carbon-ceramic brakes, and an aerodynamics package generating 3,063 pounds of downforce. Projected performance figures include a 2.3-second zero-to-60 mph time, 100 mph in 4.5 seconds, and a max speed of 230 mph.

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The company is named for founder Ameerh Naran, an entrepreneur who previously built the Vimana Private Jets into a successful company. His team, which has already delivered a physical show car, consists of members with industry experience, including lead designer Jowyn Wong, the lead engineer behind the De Tomaso P72. Daniel Mense, who worked on the Nurburgring-record setting Nio EP9, is onboard as the Vehicle Dynamics department head. 

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The Naran is already an elite car, but what might set it apart from other luxe members of the 1,000-horsepower club is that each of the 49-production cars will be heavily customized down to the name chosen by the client. Aside from photos showing the car in silver and black, other options haven't been revealed. It sounds like Naran aims for something more diverse than what's currently offered by bespoke divisions like Q by Aston Martin and Lamborghini's Ad Personam, perhaps more in-line with Pagani's level of customization. 


If we're right, the Naran could very well have a multimillion-dollar Pagani-like price tag as well. We'll know more when it officially debuts in 2021. 

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