This 79-Foot Dayboat Concept Is a Seriously Stylish Watercraft

One outlet likened the Inception 24 to the spiritual offspring of a “racing yacht and a spaceship.”

Bury Design

Unless we’re talking about the “support yacht” required by Jeff Bezos’ 417-foot sailing ship, tenders don’t often receive the media attention or stylish design of the superyachts they service.

Australian studio Bury Design is breaking the mold on both counts with this 79-footer dubbed Inception 24. Robb Report likened the sleek watercraft to the spiritual offspring of a “racing yacht and a spaceship.” Based on imagery showing a sleek, polished metal construction, the comparison is apt.

Bury Design

The narrow, elongated hull definitely looks like that of a scaled-up cigarette boat from the deck down. “A narrow beam significantly lowers wave energy transferred to the vessel in the form of roll motions,” Bury Design writes of the hull’s shape. “This makes the onboard gyro stabilizer extremely effective at minimizing roll.”

What sounds like the boat version of a supercar’s active suspension is the Inception 24’s active water ballast tank system, which “automatically and silently counters static heel due to passenger or wind loading.”

Bury Design

According to Robb Report, a propulsion system powered by diesel-electric hybrid engines will push Inception 24 up to 25 knots, or about 29 mph. An optional all-electric drivetrain will increase the top end to 40 knots, or 46 mph.

For accommodations, there’s a lounge area, two cabins, an ensuite and a sunken kitchen designed to serve two crewmembers and either four guests on an overnight excursion or 12 guests on a day trip.

Bury Design

If Inception 24 needs a superyacht to support, perhaps Lazzarini Design’s 226-foot “The Shape” would be a good suitor.