Paige Spiranac Reveals How She Fell In Love With Golf Again

The world’s most-followed golf influencer has reclaimed her passion for the sport.

(Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Despite Paige Spiranac’s preeminent status as Instagram’s “OG golf girl,” life on the links hasn’t always been easy for the former Maxim Hot 100 beauty.

As reported by Men’s Journal, Spiranac recently revealed the reasons she gave up competitive golf before she became the sport’s biggest social media star.

“I played junior golf, college golf and a year professionally. After that stretch I mentally couldn’t handle playing golf and especially keeping score. I equated my score to my self worth,” Spiranac wrote on X. “I know it sounds silly but competitive golf really beat me up emotionally.”

“But I’ve found that passion again!” she continued. “I’ve started tracking my scores and grinding on my game. I’ll keep you posted here on my journey!” Spiranac added that she shot a 73 at Austin Country Club, an accomplishment that was met with praise in her replies.

I’m only 30 strokes off your pace at ACC,” one X user responded. “Only in my dreams will I ever shoot 73,” another fan chimed in.

If Spiranac ever loss her passion for golf, it didn’t show in her content. In addition to countless tutorials and images of titillating golf outfits, she’s also regularly posted commentary on some of the sport’s biggest events, including her top 5 Masters Tournament moments.

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